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Yushu Earthquake Relief

April 19th, 2010 · 3 Comments

I have a good friend, a young Tibetan man, who has traveled to Jyekundu (Jiegu) – the center of the Yushu earthquake devastation – to distribute relief aid. He is also a fair hand with a camera. His photos are starting to come in now, and they can be found at Karamibu’s Flickr site. He has specified that these photos, although copyrighted, can be used for fundraising purposes. He will be adding to this set as time and connections allow.

I also recommend that if you care to donate, please go to Yushu Earthquake Response, which is a coalition of several Tibetan NGOs in Qinghai who are focused not only on getting relief aid to Jyekundo, but who are also trying to get much needed aid to the outlying villages where the devastation is still not known. Over the years I have worked with several of the people and organizations who are part of this coalition, and I fully support their efforts. Several of the folks involved are from Yushu, and the others have been working throughout the Qinghai/Tibetan cultural region doing grassroots community service projects for several years now. I wrote about a water project I was involved with back in 2008 when I worked with one of the NGO member’s of the coalition: Choosing Words Wisely. I can say without hesitancy that donated funds will get to where they are most needed. They have people on the ground in Yushu, which is where the photos are coming from.

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