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Losing the Wheels

May 2nd, 2012 · 1 Comment

The swirling stories of the red Ferrari that have been linked to Bo Guagua, Bo Xilai’s still-moneyed son in the U.S., have begun to be questioned. Guagua issued An Exclusive Statement from Bo Guagua to the Harvard Crimson on April 24, 2012 refuting the claim that he showed up at the U.S. Embassy in a tuxedo to take the daughter of Jon Huntsman, Jr, then U.S Ambassador to China, out for a night on the town:

I have never driven a Ferrari. I have also not been to the U.S. Embassy in Beijing since 1998 (when I obtained a previous U.S. Visa), nor have I ever been to the U.S. Ambassador’s Residence in China. Even my student Visas were issued by the U.S. Consulate in Chengdu, which is closer to my home of five years.

On April 30, 2012 The New York Times ran an article, Details Contradicted in the Episode of Chinese Privilege, offering another version of the story that contradicts the long-held Ferrari pick-up tale, a tale given more tooth when it was repeated by Mr. Huntsman, the once-and-not-so-future candidate for the U.S. Republican presidential nomination. It feels like an engineered cross-cultural collective recovered memory, but it bears a look if you care to bear to look at such things. Bo Guagua gave his first interview, via phone, for this piece addressing the supposed Night of the Ferrari, which has become a thing in the deteriorating image of his detained father, a once-but-no-longer shoe-in for a seat on the Politburo Standing Committee, the ruling nine of the empire.

“I did not drive at all that evening, and certainly did not sit in a red sports car,” Bo Guagua said by telephone on Friday, in his first interview since his father was deposed and both parents were put under investigation. “I’m not sure where this story comes from.”

Even Mr. Bo’s appearance was wrong in the account: he did not wear a tuxedo, people at the dinner said.

So, there you go, a snapshot of the latest episode in the accumulating trans-oceanic minutiae of unrealized power. But this still leaves unanswered the question of who was at the wheel – as even reported in the Global Times – in the spectacular crash of a Ferrari in the Haidian District of Beijing in the wee small hours of March 18, 2012, a high-speed accident that claimed the life of the driver and seriously injured two women. Pass me the remote!

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  • 1 Chinese Netizen // May 3, 2012 at 1:35 pm

    Even more amazing is that the silver spoon daughter of Huntsman did not know what kind of “sports car” she was getting into after a night partying, post dinner?? ??… the old argument that girls don’t know cars won’t hold water…

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